2016-02 Debugging Display List Internals

This report documents the process of debugging a problem with the recording and replaying of R plots from one R session to another. The purpose of this report is to record the source of the problem, to record the solution to the problem, to explain some of the internal details of recorded R plots, and to demonstrate the ‘hexView’ package for exploring binary blobs.

Paul Murrell


2016-01 OpenAPI version 0.3

The OpenAPI project aims to help people connect with data. OpenAPI is a software architecture for wrapping component pieces of data analysis – datasets, programming scripts, etc. – in reusable modules. These simple modules can be combined in pipelines which describe more complex data analysis workflows. Modules and pipelines are created in XML, and executed in software called a glue system. This report details the improvements made to the OpenAPI architecture between versions 0.1 and 0.3.

Ashley Noel Hinton and Paul Murrell