2016-02 Debugging Display List Internals

This report documents the process of debugging a problem with the recording and replaying of R plots from one R session to another. The purpose of this report is to record the source of the problem, to record the solution to the problem, to explain some of the internal details of recorded R plots, and to demonstrate the ‘hexView’ package for exploring binary blobs.

Paul Murrell


2015-07 Recording and Replaying the Graphics Engine Display List

In the development version of R (to be R 3.3.0), it is possible again to save the result of recordPlot() from one R session and then load it and replay it, with replayPlot(), in a different R session. This recording and replaying of R plots across R sessions has also been made safer, with more warnings and errors in place to protect against incompatibilities between R versions, and it has been made better, with support for reloading packages along with a “recordedplot”, and with support for reproducing the ‘grid’ display list when redrawing a “recordedplot” that contains ‘grid’ output.

Paul Murrell, Jeroen Ooms, JJ Allaire